Our Process

  • 1. Blueprint

    Houses consistent of wiring, plumbing, air ducts, and many more systems. Nothing is built until a blueprint with designs, timelines, and a picture of the final product from start to finish. With a quick call, we can dissect your brand, identify where you are at in your brand’s journey. Go through what you are doing, what is frustrating, and what your current bottlenecks are. With a good idea of your digital footprint, we can put a plan in place and blueprint action items. This is where we discuss how and what to build and what we need to track.

  • 2. Build

    Once we have a detailed blueprint in place we build all content, automation, tools, tracking, and software into a fluid experience for both the customer and your team members.

  • 3. Measure

    The byproduct of launching a marketing campaign is data. If this data is not organized, you are not able to leverage it and make accurate predictions. This is where many brands fail to recognize. ALL brands have data, but most do nothing with their most valuable asset.

  • 4. Learn

    Was the hypothesis we built correct? What worked? What didn’t? What should we do more of? What should we do less of? After analyzing the data and learning the response, we can make a new hypothesis on content, on traffic sources, and on optimization strategies.

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